23 May 2023

2023 Japan Adventure - Part 6: Departing from Kagoshima

Welcome to the sixth installment of my Japan Adventure log! In the previous post, I recounted my experience going out on my very first shore excursion (anywhere, ever). This time, I'll share my activities in the latter half of that same day, after returning to our cruise ship. In the future, I want to visit Kagoshima again, and do some free-style exploring. Since we were new to cruising, we didn't feel comfortable just leaving the ship to do whatever yet. Kagoshima, and our next stop Nagasaki, were the only ports where we didn't spend any time exploring on our own. I'll make up for that someday!

Friday 🍀 17 March 2023 ☘️ - Departing from Kagoshima

One of the first things I noticed when I entered the ship was the answer to a question I had all along: Will they celebrate St. Patrick's Day on this cruise?

I haven't included many photos so far of souvenirs I purchased, but this is a special one I really want to share: a Yakushima cedar teacup! It was for sale in the cruise terminal as we headed back to the ship. I was proud to be able to explain to the seller that I had really wanted something Yakushima cedar because it's the favorite thing of my favorite character, All Might!

After this, our first visit, it became our regular habit to have a snack or dessert at the Arts Café 🫖

The clouds came in and obscured the volcano in the afternoon, making it lucky that we got a clear view of Sakurajima on the observation excursion!

As the ship readied for departure, we were pleasantly surprised when the people of Kagoshima treated us to a farewell performance of energetic traditional Japanese music 🎶🥰🎵

Everyone was dancing, singing, and playing so whole-heartedly for us, I actually felt really sad to be leaving 🥲💕

Goodbye, Kagoshima! We'll return someday!

It was incredibly peaceful after we left the high energy of the farewell performance behind~

Sean looking dapper at dinner ✨

This was our first time eating at Indochine. It became my favorite restaurant on board, because it had the best (of the ridiculously few) vegan options.

Saffron rice and hot & sour soup! They were both sooo yummy! This was one of the few times I felt really satisfied with the regular menu food on the Silver Muse.

Next stop, Nagasaki!

It was my wish to drink green beer on St. Patty's this year; they didn't have any but we made do with some green mixed drinks ☘️ Sláinte!

So ended our first port day on board the Silver Muse 🛳️ Next time I'll share our visit to Nagasaki, including an excursion to Arita, a town famous for its pottery. I lost my mind over a cake plate 🤩 More about that in my next entry 😉 Please look forward to it!