11 May 2023

2023 Japan Adventure - Part 4: First Day at Sea

Welcome to the fourth entry in my 2023 Japan adventure photo log! Click here to go back to part three. Today's topic won't take much time to cover, because we were at sea the entire day during this part of the trip. I hope you'll still enjoy these images and the story they tell about our journey from Osaka to Kagoshima 😊

Thursday 16 March 2023 - First Day at Sea

Another unexpected habit I got into, starting this day, was taking a photo of the sea every morning 🌊
My first breakfast on board! Cold cereal is my FAVORITE and they had plant milk for me to enjoy it with 😄 I also had cream of wheat, hashbrowns, and baked beans~
We were seated in the most gorgeous spot for breakfast~ The couple next to us was very easy to talk to, so we had great company, as well. If I remember correctly, their son teaches art history at a university!
I normally avoid the sun at all costs, but it was so dreamy on our veranda I couldn't help spending some time soaking up the rays and the view 😌
I truly fell in love with the ocean on this trip. There are many reasons why, but for one, it is astoundingly beautiful!
The cabin service people put a cap on our leftover bubbly so I was able to drink it slowly over a course of days, rather than feeling forced to drink it all at once (especially after my previous night of overindulgence!) or else let it go to waste. I'm pretty proud of this photo showing it off 😆
This is another framed tapestry that caught my eye in one of the ship stairwells. It was several feet tall!
We explored more of the Silver Muse this day, including taking a look from the observation deck.
Me and Sean on the observation deck! It was technically called the Observation Library and it did indeed have many books and plentiful seating in which to read if one wished!
The biggest event of the day was getting a massage! It was so nice being gently rocked by the sea while being worked on by a massage therapist 🌊💆‍♀️✨ The only downside was being pushed to buy spa products afterwards; it ruined the relaxing vibes!
At the end of each day on the cruise, we received the next day's "Daily Chronicles" and chocolates! The Chronicles included useful information about shipboard activities, excursions, the upcoming port, the weather, etc. I kept them all for my scrapbook 📑✨

That's all for today! Told you it would be short 😉 Next time I'll share our adventures in Kagoshima, including visits to a hot spring foot bath, a volcano observatory, and my first ride on a ferry! Please look forward to it!