Mikarts is the art studio of Denise Hutchins, commonly known by her online alias "Mika" (みか).  She specializes in creating two-dimensional works of fine art and illustration that are often cute & colorful and always detailed & distinct.  She utilizes a variety of physical media such as ink, colored pencil, marker, and watercolor, as well as digital programs including Photoshop and Manga Studio.  Her art is made with the intent to inspire optimism in, bring happiness to, and elicit positive emotions from her audience.  If you find yourself smiling, nodding, or cooing at her creations, her work is successfully done.

Not just an artist, Denise is an all-around otaku-geek, spending most of her personal time consuming all manner of media, including books, manga, anime, movies, and video games. She also loves to exercise and get outdoors whenever possible; her favorite activities include walking her dog, road/trail running, hiking, casual cycling, group gym classes, skating, and fitness video games.  She is a staunch supporter of animal rights, environmental protection, and other causes for Mother Nature.  She lives in Boise, Idaho, USA, with her husband and their many adorable pets.

Artist's Statement

“My life's purpose is to encourage the good in the world.  When it comes to my art, I endeavor to create a body of work that speaks to people clearly and optimistically, makes them smile or feel connection.  I want to focus on positivity because existence is already fraught with enough pain and hardship, there's no need to cultivate that which makes life difficult.  I want to warm your heart, make you squeal with innocent glee, feel empowered and encouraged, or simply give you a moment of respite from your everyday worries.  I know this is a lofty goal, but the dedication of my life to this undertaking will surely make it attainable.”