10 May 2023

2023 Japan Adventure - Part 3: Boarding the Silver Muse

Welcome to part three of my Japan adventure chronicles! In part two, I shared my very first day in Osaka (not just the first day for this trip, but my first time setting foot there ever!) which mostly consisted of exploration of the immediate area surrounding our hotel. We were passing the time until boarding of our cruise ship, the Silver Muse, was scheduled to begin. Today, I'll share photos of my boarding experience (another first; I had never been on a ship of any kind before!) and my first impressions being on the ship!

Wednesday 15 March 2023 - Boarding the Silver Muse

We were shuttled from the hotel to the boarding location via tour bus. The wait for our group number to be called was longer than the ride itself.
First clear view of the Silver Muse!
We were thrilled to discover that we had been upgraded from the cheapest and smallest suite (all the cabins are suites on this ship) to the top of the mid-range options! The bathroom included everything you see here plus a separate shower and bathtub, with luxury Bulgari toiletries. The only negative was how disturbingly loud the flush on the toilet was. I have no idea if that's just a thing on cruise ships or what 🤔

Here are the sleeping and sitting areas of our Deluxe Veranda Suite. The black cases on the bed were luxury sanitation kits that included a pack of face masks, hand sanitizer, antimicrobial wipes, and hand lotion ❤️
Both of the gigantic mirrors in the sleeping/sitting areas had smart TVs inside! We received notifications, messages, and news about the cruise on it, and could watch live video feeds from a couple different locations on the ship, among other things.
Drinks were included in our cruise fare, and they provided a bottle of sparkling wine in our room to kick everything off 🍾 I do wish marking ourselves as teetotalers was an option, though. I like the flavor but not the alcohol, and my husband, Sean, doesn't drink at all.
The fantastic view of the Osaka Cruise Terminal from our ✨~veranda~✨ 😄 We were expecting to have nothing more than a picture window (that is, a window that gives a great view but doesn't open) when we booked, so being upgraded to this suite was dreamy for the veranda alone!
カンパイ!or Cheers! 🥂 I popped open the bubbly, and Sean had Sprite 😄
We explored the ship after getting settled in our room. It was full of interesting and unusual art! This is an example of some glass work.
Here is an example of avant-garde sculpture.
A framed tapestry; these were my favorite.
Non-representational painting. I loved the colors and textures of this one.
Me and the great wheel at night! My only regret is not getting to ride on it!
Our first dinner on board was at Kaiseki, a Japanese style restaurant. They kept the drinks flowing much too liberally, especially the delicious sake! I enjoyed it at the time but I don't want to drink like that again 😅
The atmosphere and food presentation was excellent in this tiny restaurant, but I have to admit, their vegan "options" were very limited. Still, we had a good time, enjoying our first evening on board any ship ever!
Although I don't have any memory of departing from the port, because I drank WAY too much, my hangover woke me up at three-in-the-morning and I got to enjoy a dreamy vision of the moon shining through the clouds and lighting up the sea 🌘💕

So ended our first day in Osaka, our first day on the Silver Muse, and our first night on the cruise. I'll be back soon with part 4 of my adventure, which was a full day at sea, heading towards Kagoshima. Please look forward to it!