26 October 2014

New Art - Drawlloween Favorites

What I've been drawing a lot lately are responses to daily prompts from the 31-day Drawlloween challenge in the Artists guild on HabitRPG.  So, I'd like to share some of my favorite creations in this week's New Art post.  This challenge has been fun and freeing, allowing me to make some pretty cool stuff without the stress of worrying what it looks like!  I've also found it a great way to get more use out of my ArtSnacks art supplies; almost every single piece has been made with nothing but ArtSnacks, including any erasing!

Howling Werewolf Drawing

I like all of the Drawlloween responses featured in this post for various reasons.  With the werewolf, it was simply fun to incorporate so many different ArtSnacks and it was great to see how interesting the final result looks.  I used a pencil, pen, acrylic paint, a brush, a marker, and two different types of colored pencil!  Limiting myself to only my ArtSnacks can be challenging so it feels super awesome ending up with something that looks like it was all done on purpose, as if I would have still chosen those exact tools even if I hadn't been limiting myself to them.

Chibi Dr. Franken Stein Drawing

For my Frankenstein response, I was giddy with pleasure since it allowed me to draw some fan art of my newest anime obsession, Soul Eater.  Dr. Franken Stein is one of my favorite characters and he simply fits the prompt to a T!  I think chibi Stein came out utterly adorable!  I want to make him into a pin-back button to match my existing Excalibur design~  Also, the photo I've posted here was taken before I realized I forgot to draw his face scar.  It's since been added.  This is one of the few Drawlloween pieces that I didn't use ArtSnacks to create; I wanted to use my standard method so I could get a solid, predictable result.

Yawning Vampire Mouth Drawing

It's a little difficult to put my reason for liking this Vampire drawing into words.  I think some of it is due to my acting on the freedom to choose how I would interpret the prompt.  I could have drawn a whole vampire, arms, legs, cape, mist, etc. but my mind instead fixated on the part that everyone thinks of first: fangs.  I also put more feeling into the lines themselves, making the inside of the mouth look almost like a vortex, like it's sucking the viewer in.  And everything was drawn with a furious stroke, emitting the type of mad, dangerous energy that I think of when it comes to vampires.

Devil and Skull Drawings
"Devil" and "Skull"
Cute Witch and Scary Demon Drawings
"Witch" and "Demon"

These next drawings were done after I filled up my small sketchbook. Drawlloween finally ended that faithful friend! So I turned back to my standard-size sketchbook and started doing two prompts per page. I had actually gotten even farther behind in the challenge by this point, so I spent several hours catching up to the actual day that I was on. Of all the drawings I did during that session, these were some of my top favorite.

I actually had a bit of trouble while drawing these.  Devil and Demon were right next to each other in prompt order!  I had to do a lot of thinking (and asking my beau's opinion) to decide how I could draw a demon that looked different enough from what I had already done for devil.  You can see that the end results did come out quite differently so I'm satisfied there!  What I decided to do was make the demon more fleeting, raw, wild, and wraith-like.  The devil is more controlled and calculating, a being with ideas and intent.

I don't have much to say about the Skull, to be honest.  I think it turned out nicely for not using a reference and I had fun making it elongated and alien.  I'm much more proud of the Witch!  I think she came out looking adorable!  I would love to draw her again, perhaps make a proper character of her.  On top of the nice character design, I'm pleased with the two-tone hatching I experimented with.  Not all of my experimental drawing techniques pan out, but I think this time I hit gold!

Pumpkin Drawing with View of Art Supplies
Check out all the art supplies I had been using!
Colored Pumpkin Drawing

The last Drawlloween prompt response I want to feature is actually my most recent. It was done at the end of my last marathon session and was completed on the correct day! It's another ArtSnacks piece and I ended up using a lot items.  I started with mechanical pencil for the underdrawing, colored in with marker, then went to town shading with carbon, white charcoal, watercolor pencil, and regular colored pencil!  As with all of these drawings, I didn't put pressure on myself to make it look 'perfect' so, as you can see, most of the strokes are messy and blunt.  I think the end result still looks rather lovely, even so!

Today is only the 26th, so I still have half a dozen drawings to create.  If you would like to see them, or if you'd like to see all the other Drawlloween pieces I've done, you can check them out in this Google+ photo album.  Everything that's been completed so far is there and I'll definitely be updating to include the final six drawings of Drawlloween!

Has anyone else been participating in an October or Halloween creativity challenge this month?  I'd love to see your work!  And to everyone reading, while I have the chance, let me wish you a happy Halloween!  Have fun, dress up, eat candy, and be safe!