12 October 2014

New Art - Butch Cassidy

The new art I am featuring this week is another commission piece from Tomodachi Fest.  It was my last chibi of the convention and I actually had to bring it home to finish since I was so surprisingly busy all con!  Because I had more time to work on this drawing, I was able to take breaks and photograph my progress to share.

Although this piece is also an on-the-spot artist alley commission, it's quite a different type of chibi from last week's featured art!  Rather than a colored caricature of an anime character, it's an inked caricature of a real-life historical figure!
Pencil Drawing of Chibi Butch Cassidy
The initial pencil work is all done.

If you didn't already guess from the title of this post, the historical figure I was asked to draw is Butch Cassidy.  I was provided with a specific photo of him to use as a reference--my preferred way of working for on-the-spot commissions.  I simply took his exact pose, expression, and outfit and chibified them!
Partially Inked Drawing of Chibi Butch Cassidy
Partway through the inking process.

As I was drawing chibi Butch, I became very pleased with how he was dressed.  There are certain details I didn't notice until I was looking closely to ensure I captured everything I could.  Not only is he wearing a well-pressed three piece suit with a jauntily-perched bowler hat while sitting in an extremely ornate chair, he's got a watch chain through the buttonhole of his vest (I noticed that it's unbuttoned where the chain is; I always assumed vests remain fully buttoned even when a chain is worn), his vest is collared, and his tie has a decorative pin at the knot.  Butch Cassidy is simply dapper!
Inked Drawing of Chibi Butch Cassidy with Reference
Final inked drawing and the photo reference.

I think this is the first time I've drawn a chibi in a bowler hat.  What do you think?  Does chibi Butch look like himself?  What historical figure would you have me turn into a chibi?