05 October 2014

New Art - Chibi America

This past weekend, I spent the days having fun at my artist alley table during one of Idaho's fan conventions, Tomodachi Fest.  Of course, this means lots of on-the-spot commission drawings were created!  In this blog, I'm featuring the first piece I completed: chibi America from Hetalia.

I really enjoyed chibifying this character.  It was difficult to get started at first, though.  In preparing for the convention, I was left with no time to sleep before setting up for artist alley.  I had already been awake for over sixteen hours when I received this commission order at the start of the first day.

Partial Sketch of Chibi America
The pose was based on a reference image my client provided.
I was feeling progressively groggy and disconnected while I worked--I frequently took breaks as my concentration flagged--but, happily, the sketch stage of the piece came out well despite.

Completed Sketch of Chibi America
The word "HERO" was specifically requested for his shirt.
I started inking the same day as the sketch but each time I put pen to paper, the lines seemed to come out a bit wobbly or didn't curve in the way I intended.  I continued with a few larger lines but decided to wait on the more detailed areas (like the face) until I could get a good night's sleep.  I completed them on day 2, with plenty of energy and enthusiasm!

Inked Drawing of Chibi America
Isn't he so cute?  I love his happy face!
Coloring was the best part, as usual.  I actually finished the remainder of the piece so quickly that I forgot to take progress photos!  I did scan it, though, and I'm so happy with the end result that this may be my favorite drawing from the convention.

Did you attend Tomodachi Fest this year?  What did you think of artist alley?  Did you commission anyone or receive a commission order yourself?