17 May 2024

2023 Japan Adventure - Part 12: Exploring Kanazawa

Welcome to the next installment of my Japan Adventure series! Last time, I shared our experience on the ship-sponsored shore excursion. This time, I'll share our experience exploring a Japanese city on our own for the first time! We only had a few hours before all-aboard, but we visited two great locations and once we were back home on the Silver Muse, we enjoyed an epic Kanazawa farewell before settling into some shipboard activities to round out the night as we sailed to the next port 🛳️

Tuesday 21 March 2023 - Exploring Kanazawa

We had dinner at Fumuroya Café (カフェ加賀麩不室屋) which is a chain of cafés and shops that specialize in traditional fu (麩) dishes and products. There was a thirty minute wait but it was worth it!

It's been so long now, I don't remember exactly what I ordered, but from the photo it's clearly curry rice with fu, miso soup with fu, and a veggie side salad 😆 All, to the best of my knowledge, vegan!

Our next stop was just a short walk away...

...Pokémon Center Kanazawa! It was my first time at a real life Pokémon Center 🤩

My husband and I, on the shuttle home, joyful after a successful unguided outing!

The dreamy view of our ship as we approached the port.

Our Pokémon Center haul! Plushies--including regional exclusives--postcards, a hand towel, a water bottle, and promo card packs ✨

We were treated to a farewell yosakoi performance just before departure 🤩

I'd never seen yosakoi before; there were dancers and flag wavers, sometimes at the same time, all timed to music. They performed several different routines for an epic farewell!

The game room was an excellent place to wind down with some correspondence and crosswords 🖋️

As always, I loved coming home to the ship's newspaper--which included information about our next port, the weather forecast, and upcoming shipboard activities--and some chocolates!

That's all for our adventures in Kanazawa. Next stop, Niigata, for some of our most epic moments yet! Thank you for reading to the end. I hope you'll look forward to the next installment. Until then, please stay happy, healthy, and safe ❤️