10 October 2017

Inktober 2016/2017 - Day 10: JUMP

If my household hadn't been running late this evening, I wouldn't have had time to finish today's Inktober drawing.  It's nice to have a good excuse to put other stuff off (cooking dinner) and keep drawing!

Pencil sketch of a girl jumping blissfully.First stage of inking the jumping girl.

The prompt for today was JUMP.  I went with my first instinct (as usual--one of the biggest things I've learned doing this challenge is that I can't spend time thinking up a unique or clever response, I just have to get started ASAP or there won't be time to finish in a single day) which was a human figure blissfully jumping.  This ended up being another instance where I impressed myself with how easily I was able to put on paper what I imagined in my mind.  The only area that gave me trouble was the face but even that was hardly anything compared to past attempts at drawing such an unusual and difficult angle.

Completely inked drawing for Inktober day 10.

Once again I simply based the figure on myself.  Another way to save time; if I try to draw someone original from imagination, it just takes me too long.  I didn't end up filling the page this time.  I would like to keep aiming for that goal, but it wasn't within reach today.  I couldn't think of anything to add and it took me too long to get this much done anyway.  I had a lot of fun drawing this, though.  Adding the final ink really made everything pop!

Final digitized image of the fully-inked jumping girl.

I hope I can keep this up throughout the month.  This exercise--drawing a fully-inked picture every day--has been teaching me so much about myself.  I feel like I'm slowly chipping away at something buried inside me, something like a key to unlock the doors to the next level of working as a full-time career artist.  I've been an artist my entire adult life, but this year, the first year I've spent working full-time as an artist, has in ways been like starting over from scratch.  Inktober is helping me learn better ways to accomplish my career goals...

09 October 2017

Inktober 2016/2017 - Day 9: BROKEN

Here we have it, the last Inktober drawing that was completely finished in 2016.  This is how far I got before I just couldn't keep up anymore.  I think I'm already doing better than I was then, I'm faster at drawing and better at getting the corresponding blog posts published.  I hope that's the case anyway, because after today, there will be no more drawings from last year to fall back on...

Inktober Calendar and Day 9 Drawing

I searched and searched but I couldn't find any photos of the making of this drawing.  I doubt that I didn't take ANY but there's a very good chance that they're on one of my old phones.  I think I changed phones twice in the past year...  Without photos it's hard to remember much about my exact process in creating this piece but I do remember drawing it while sitting in a cafe XD  I drew the figure without reference, so it's not bad considering, but I think I could do a much better job of it if I were to attempt drawing the same pose without reference now.  I've just been soaking up human anatomy and perspective like a sponge recently.  It's like what I've always aspired to be able to draw is finally sinking in.  I'm sure next year I'll look back and feel like this again; I hope to always be improving throughout my entire career!

Drawing of a man in a loincloth, breaking a bone in two.

I hope everyone is doing well with Inktober so far!  Remember, if you start to get overwhelmed, consider dropping down to drawing something every-other-day, only on your days off, or even just once a week.  The point is to exercise your inking skills intensely, so if a daily drawing is too much, just do what works for you while maintaining a sense of regularity!

08 October 2017

Inktober 2016/2017 - Day 8: ROCK

This post is a day late but I was super lucky because today's drawing is the most unique of any I have done or will do for my Inktober 2016/2017 challenge!  This prompt response was already mostly done from last year.  I had gotten tired of it, took a break, and ended up never finishing it until now.  It felt like a huge chore to keep working on it back then, but having a year-long break made finishing this piece super fun and easy!

Shading Stage 1Shading Stage 2Shading Stage 3

The lines that I finished in 2016 were all done with the Copic Multiliner from my ArtSnacks Inktober Collection.  I did all the background hatching last year, too.  What I added today was the super dark shading and textural detailing.  It was all done with the brush and ink from the Collection.  I tell you, it was SO fun to ink everything like that!  I really love using a brush to ink!  I didn't have to think hard about the shading, either.  I was just able to go along almost mindlessly.  Perhaps because I was already thinking of what I wanted to do when I worked on this picture last year; I had a whole year to mull it over (subconsciously).

Inktober Calendar and Day 8 Drawing

In case you couldn't tell, the prompt was ROCK.  There are so many ways someone could interpret that word but, as is common for me, I just went with the first and most literal idea.  I think it turned out really great!  Reminds me of a manga background :D

Inked drawing of a large boulder surrounded by smaller rocks and stones.

If I hadn't already had this drawing mostly done already, I might have had to skip it entirely.  Getting any art done on the weekends is super tough for me!  How are you all holding out?  If you're having trouble keeping up, are you more of a skip-it-and-move-on type or a I-will-catch-up-somehow type?

07 October 2017

Inktober 2016/2017 - Day 7: LOST

My goodness, am I in a hurry tonight.  I was honestly contemplating skipping today but when I saw the task on my list in Habitica, I just picked up my tools and got to work!

Artist's workspace with sketchbook, prompt list, and tools.

The Inktober 2016 prompt for the 7th was LOST so I drew a girl (very heavily based on yours truly; it's so much faster to just draw myself than to think up something new) in a panic over which way to go.  While I was drawing, I had the idea to include a compass that was spinning to add some story to the image (i.e. she has a compass but it's out of control so she has no idea where to go now).  It was a good way to add depth to my response without having do much extra work.

Of all my Inktober responses so far, this is the least detailed due to how little time I left myself to get it done.  But I'm extremely proud of myself for hunkering down and drawing SOMETHING, rather than giving up so soon.  My weekend drawings may have to be simple like this through the entire challenge, since I don't normally have time to draw on those days.

Anime girl looking frantically around, arms up, with a compass spinning wildly.

The first week of Inktober is almost done.  How is everyone doing so far?  Feel free to share your thoughts or drawings in the comments!